employment ontario

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada
and the Government of Ontario and through the Canada Ontario Job Fund Agreement.

Available Classes

Apprenticeship Support

Support for people looking to acquire trade or help with an apprenticeship.

Introduction to Computers for Employment

This is a computer course for beginners who are looking to increase their employability skills. Course includes introduction to hardware, the mouse, typing, internet, email and word processing.

Face to Face (One on Ones)

6 sessions with a tutor to answer all your computer questions!

Introduction to Office Administration

10 Week introductory course to reception and office administration. Course includes Microsoft Word and Excel or Power Point, typing, theory, workshops and a 30 hour practicum at the VALA office.
(These classes can be done as independent studies.)

Introduction to Digital Technology

Learn to use your digital camera and Google's Picasa for sharing. Learn about different Social Media platforms. How to Text using your smartphone. Discover multiple digital media services. How to create music with your computer. Become more familiar with Tablet computers, along with a host of other options.


This course will provide a introduction to spreadsheets and includes spreadsheet setup, editing, formatting, formulas and functions, conditional formatting and if-then statements.


This course will provide an introduction to presentations and includes slide setup, editing, formatting, graphics, transitions and animations.

Desktop Publishing

This course will provide an introduction to desktop publishing and includes document setup, editing, formatting, graphics, and much more.

Word Processing

This course will provide an introduction to word processing and includes editing, formatting, page setup, graphics, clip art and templates.

Introduction to Accounting Software through Data Management

This course will provide an introduction to accounting software. Participants completing level I and II may be eligible for a certification through Sage.

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