employment ontario

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada
and the Government of Ontario and through the Canada Ontario Job Fund Agreement.

Workplace Training


To Increase the competitiveness of the Ontario workforce by improving literacy and basic skill levels. Encourage employers and labour organizations to invest in the literacy and basic skills of their employees and membership. To broaden and improve LBS services. To expand the employability focus of literacy services in Ontario.

Training Support

To help low income learners gain access to the LBS program. Training supports assist learners with transportation, childcare costs, and employment readiness.

Learner Impact

Self-confidence is increased. Literacy skills are improved. Ability to use technology is enhanced. Teamwork skills are better developed. Labour relations are improved. Productivity is increased.


Increased ability to handle training on the job. Better team performance. Improved labour management relations. Increased quality. Improved and quicker results in job specific training. Reduced time per task. Increased output of products and services. Reduced error rate.

Work Placements

Flexible, with on-site support. Help improve job specific skills and gain practical experience.

Workplace Communications

VALA offers a one day workshop that addresses the many barriers and challenges faced while communicating in the workplace. To strengthen and maintain strong communication skills, participants go through a series of individual and group activities in verbal, visual, and nonverbal communication designed to increase your awareness and improve your abilities in relating to others.

I started here at VALA as a volunteer. I began tutoring a woman who was striving to acquire her grade 12. Within no time I was hired as a part time employee. Valley Adult Learning Association has given me the opportunity to help others in my community and has supported my learning by encouraging me to participate in courses they offer. The courses here have greatly improved my computer skills and have better prepared me for the road ahead as I anticipate university. Throughout my time at VALA, as both an employee and a learner, the staff has been very welcoming and supportive. I have enjoyed my time spent here and would recommend it to anyone wishing to lend a helping hand or receive one.

Kaitlyn Allen